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At Hunter Pets we are committed to bringing you the highest possible service and knowledge so that you get the right advice for both you and your pet.

Our team is proud of the wealth of knowledge we have about a wide range of pets and are waiting to help you. We are the largest supplier of pets including fish, birds, small animals and insects in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region.

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We have a full range of salt-water fish including clownfish, dwarf angels, juvenile and adult large angels, tangs, damsels, banner fish, cardinals, hawkfish and much more. We also have an extensive range of coldwater fish and tropical freshwater fish as well as a complete range of aquariums and products to keep your fish happy and healthy.

We pride ourselves on strictly selling fish that are hand caught and sell fish sourced from Australian and International waters. We receive weekly deliveries of freshwater fish, saltwater fish and coral. We are proud to support our Australian based suppliers and collectors.

We offer expertise on fish that will suit your aquarium and its inhabitants. We also offer both marine and freshwater testing as well as other aquarium related services.


Our coral is 100% Australian coral and includes corallimorphs, zoanthids, toadstools, devils hands, anchors, torch's, frogspawns, tree corals, brain corals, candy canes and much more.

We have knowledgable staff to assist all your enquiries for the best corals to suit your aquarium and the other inhabitants. Hunter Pets offers its customers a comprehensive reef water testing giving you an accurate readout of all important levels in your aquarium required by corals for health and growth.

We also have invertebrates amongst our collection from clams, sea stars and peppermint shrimp to hermit crabs, anemones and sea cucumbers. We also stock a complete range of equipment and supplements to maintain a piece of the Great Barrier Reef in your home.


Hunter Pets has an extensive range of reptile habitats and terrariums on offer. Heat lighting, UVB lighting, hot rocks, heat accessories and more.

We have an extensive range of live, dry and frozen foods, coupled with thermostat accessories for temperature control units. Hunter Pets has all the accessories and enclosures for your reptile.

Many of our staff are reptile breeders and can also point you in the direction of other reputable breeders to ensure that you get the perfect reptile to suit your needs.


At Hunter Pets we pride ourselves on having one of the largest ranges of birds and accessories in the Hunter Valley. We stock a large range of young hand-raised birds as well as mature finches and parrots ready for breeding. The birds themselves are all housed in a purpose built bird room that is blocked off from the food and accessories. We stock one of the largest ranges of seed and specialty food, from pellets through to nectars and even live food.

We have a huge range of enclosures to house our birds, from indoor cages suitable for canaries right through a variety of purpose built parrot cages and even patio and outdoor aviaries. The staff working in the Bird Department all have a keen interest in aviculture and either own or breed birds themselves.
Hunter Pets are licensed bird dealers specialising in native and exotic birds from the macaw to the finch.

Dogs and Cats

At Hunter Pets, we understand that your dogs and cats are not just pets, but a part of the family. For the dog and cat lovers, we have an extensive range such as dry foods, wet foods, toys, litter, bedding and kennels of all sizes.

We also carry a huge range of flea and worming treatments for dogs and cats of all ages, including brands such as Frontline and Advantix to keep your furry friends healthy and happy!

Come in to Hunter Pets and talk with our specialist dog and cat handlers that will be able to provide you with the best advice for your valued four-legged family member.

Small Animals

Hunter Pets has various small animals including rabbits, ferrets, rats, mice hermit crabs and guinea pigs. These are all chosen from carefully selected breeders and are free from lice and mites. Chickens and ducklings are also available from time to time.

They are ideal pets for children or those with limited space. We have a multiple range of enclosures and cages to house all of our various small animals. We have an extensive range of food and care products including toys and specialty medications.

Exotic Insects

Our Exotic Insects can vary from centipedes, Giant Burrowing Cockroaches, scorpions, bird eating tarantula, leaf insects to the humble old silk worm. We stock all the insect habitats and enclosure for your creepy crawlies including heaters and lighting through to dry to live foods.

Our highly trained staff have a great knowledge about handling and nurturing these fascinating creatures that are sure to interest the out-there individual. If cuddly loveable pets aren’t your thing then maybe a bird eating tarantula is more your style.

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